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Snap Photos (& Videos) for our Website

We want to show our community what's going on at Unity of Fairfax. Candid images are authentic and appealing. Check the Photo & Video Tips near the bottom of the FAQs page.

Submit Your Photographs

We invite you to submit your photographic "stories" for inclusion in the Image Gallery and Recent Photos.

A good photo gallery submission will have about six to ten photos - enough to tell a story, but not so many as to lose people's interest. So, pick your best shots that tell a good story. Give preference to photos that have people in them. More than a couple of "landscape" or "artistic" shots are probably too many. Also, think of a caption for each photo - something informative and maybe humorous -  laughter is the best medicine.

Finally, give the whole photo story a descriptive name; try to start the name with an action verb, for example, "Replanting the Green Roof" or "Finding Bargains at the Block Party."

Submit your best. Click here for "how to":  How to Submit a Photo or Album for Display on the Website near the bottom of the FAQs page.


Last updated on August 11, 2023