Medicine Wheel


The medicine wheel is located at Unity of Fairfax, 2854 Hunter Mill Road, Oakton, VA.

  • Drive through the parking lot, past the main building to the back.
  • Walk through the gate of the Meditation Garden fence and turn right.

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Medicine Wheel positions are circled numbers, explained below. Please enter and exit at the East gate. Walk in a clockwise direction.

Power Wheel Positions

0 CREATOR - The center of the Medicine Wheel represents the center of the universe and the center of your being. It is where everything springs from: all energy, all life and all beauty and all growth. Reasons to consult this position include need for strength, direction, purpose, creativity and guidance on any subject.
1 MOTHER EARTH - Represents caring, nurturing, abundance, healing and fertility. She provides everything we need: the soil from which comes food, healing herbs, oil, the air we breath, materials for clothing and shelter and the water we drink. Reasons to consult this position include help with love, learning to care and nurture, learning about female energy and obtaining abundance in life.
2 GRANDMOTHER MOON - Represents the emotional side of our beings, The phases of the moon are like our phases of dark and light moods. Reasons to consult this position inclnde understanding our dreams, becoming more intuitive and getting in touch with your feminine side.
3 GRANDFATHER SUN - Represents the energy of life: male energy, strength and courage to achieve your desired goals. Reasons to consult this position include help with masculine energy in a relationship, far guidance, strength, endurance and help in setting and achieving goals.
4 STARS and PLANETS - Represent our imaginations; to see different worlds of possibilities; to teach us to expand our consciousness; discover our purpose and have a broad, long-term vision of things. Reasons to consult this position include help with dreams, imagination and finding your unlimited potential

5 SPIRIT KEEPER of the EAST - Represents the childhood of your life: a springtime full of new growth, new beginnings, freshness, enthusiasm, creativity, new vistas for tired eyes, rebirth, awakenings, open paths and new dimensions. The eagle is one symbol of the East because it flies the highest and sees the farthest. The color of the East is yellow, the color of the rising sun at the beginning of the day. Reasons to consult this position include illumination and visionary truth.

6 SPIRIT KEEPER of the SOUTH - Represents the time of rapid growth, youth, trust and innocence: a time of exploring, learning, loving and trusting without the skepticism of adulthood. The coyote is one symbol of the South because it is persistent. The color of the South is red, the color of blood and passion, the color of the heat of the noon-day sun. Reasons to consult this position include trust and innocence.
7 SPIRIT KEEPER of the WEST - Represents intuition, looking within, dreaming, midlife, maturity and experience. In this time, you know what you do and do not like. It is also a place of fear and darkness which needs to he explored so you can become more mature, strong and wise. The bear is one symbol of the West because it hibernates and seeks within the darkness the gift of renewal. The color of the West is black, like the darkness of our shadows. Reasons to consult this position include interpreting our dreams and helping us bring them to reality.
8 SPIRIT KEEPER of the NORTH - Represents wisdom, maturity, peace of mind, harmony, love, generosity and great knowledge associated with old age and a long life. The white buffalo is one symbol of the North because of its rarity, wisdom and power. The color of the North is white like snow and color of the hair of the elders. Reasons to consult this position include wisdom, generosity, service to Mother Earth and all our Relations.

9 EARTH CRAWLERS - SmaIl beings which fill a niche in the hierarchy of life. Some, like the earthworm, are earth rebuilders and shapers. They teach humbleness, tenacity and endurance. From them we learn that miracles often start small yet grow every day.

10 FLYING BEINGS - Creatures that teach us to soar above our routine, mundane life to see a different landscape. They teach us beauty through their flight, songs and creations; to go beyond our usual limits and to not fear new horizons, new relationships or new jobs.
11 ROOTED BEINGS - Trees, flowers, bushes, vegetables and herbs add beauty, color and delight to our lives, not to mention food and other useful materials. They teach us generosity, flexibility, beauty, steadfastness and commitment. If you need help feeling a deep sense of connection in a relationship, look to the rooted beings.
12 EARTH WALKERS-FOUR-LEGGED BEINGS - The domesticated animals like cats and dogs teach us how to be kind and compassionate, because they cannot provide for themselves or defend themselves. Four-leggeds teach us about our instincts and intuition about community and sharing. Meditate on this position to learn trust in nature, courage and kindness.
13 ANCESTORS - Many ancient cultures still call upon ancestors no longer living to receive guidance and to benefit from the ancestor's different perspective. We should honor, learn from and respect our ancestors while they are still alive, for once they are gone we cannot make up our lost opportunities. Consult this position for wisdom and knowledge to help you.
14 STONE BEINGS - Represent the powerful energies stored by Mother Earth and hold the history of the past. Even though their vibrations are very slow, they teach us balance, stability and strength. Meditate on this position to learn gentle strength, balance and conviction.
15 RAINBOW SPIRIT - Represents colors that enhance our moods, improve our health and increase our appetites. Colors have a great impact on our lives, yet we may not be actively aware of them or their influence. Colors help us to appreciate diversity, to he flexible, gentle and open-minded.

16 WATER BEINGS - Life begins in water, which covers more than half the Earth and comprises more than half of our bodies. A miracle of life exists in the oceans, lakes and streams of our watery planet, ranging from microscopic creatures to huge whales. These creatures move effortlessly and freely from one level to another, teaching us to do the same. If you are vexed by trials outside your control, look to the water beings how to flow around the obstacles you encounter in life.

17 ILLUMINATION - Represents the light and energy of the universe which illuminates my path and guides and directs me to my highest growth. I open my spiritual eyes and allow my own light to shine on my path, to lead me and guide my steps. I move freely and without fear and I walk with confidence and joy.
18 CLARITY - With clarity, my path becomes easier to see and understand. I can be free of my impurities, rejoice in my new insights and be grateful for my new gifts.
19 TRUST - I trust myself to become the being I was created to be. I believe in myself. I know I will take care of myself. I am confident in my own ability. I trust the magnificent energies of the universe and know I will be taken care of throughout my life.

20 GROWTH - I allow myself to grow. I know the process is gradual and sometime hard to see, but it is within me to reach maturity, develop new ideas, become more creative and be who I want to be. I honor myself with the freedom and ability to grow.

21 EXPERIENCE - I honor my experiences. I understand that experience is sometimes trial and error, but I do not fear living with trials. I become more competent, more aware of the depths of reality, by living the elperiences in my life. As I contemplate my Earth Walk, I see how experience has shaped my life in order to help me realize my highest potential.

22 STRENGTH - I honor my strength. I feel my power, and when combined with my experiences, a unique and powerful energy is available for me to shape my life. Strength enables me to generate motion and energy. I feel I can overcome any opposition I am faced with. My strength grows, making me durable and able to concentrate my energies on my journey toward maturity.

23 CLEANSING - Represents a cleansing of old habits and unworkable patterns. I move toward self-cleansing, self-healing and self-awareness. I seek to be fresh, to be pure and clear of negative thoughts and self-destroying habits which pull me down into the pit of self-pity. Without these obstructions, I am renewed. My soul, mind and body find power and great peace from self-cleansing.

24 RENEWAL - As spring renews the season and brings fresh, vibrant life to all creatures, so I renew my spiritual strengths and rejuvenate myself. I accept a younger, fresh way of perceiving my life and the lives of all my Relations. This fresh outlook reestablishes my soul, my very being. I am revived aad ready to begin again.

updated January 12, 2022